Veritas Inc (Atlanta, GA) – Recruiting Fresh Talent

Finding the best talent for your marketing and advertising firm is not only important and fun to do, it will ensure the success of your business well into the upcoming years. Forget all of the boring day-to-day tasks that you have on your plate at the moment. Recruiting is the lifeblood of your business. You can’t grow if you can’t fill the seats. In this post, we are going to review Veritas Inc in Atlanta, GA and their recruiting practices.

Veritas Inc is a privately owned sales and marketing firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. The corporation provides face-to-face sales for national vendors and does a great job. However great they are at sales is sort of besides the point. They are also great recruiters. In order for the company to fill the expansion needs of their clients, they constantly need new graduates and talented individuals transitioning their careers through the door.

How do you perform such a feat?

You make your company look really good.

veritas inc atlanta reviewsYou can already see what these guys’ have done on their blog. They put out a ton of relevant information for job seekers. They post pictures of their work environment. They talk about all of the great things they are doing as a company. First impressions are important and what you have on your blog says a lot about your company. Go check out the Veritas Inc Atlanta blog and see what you can take away from it.

After someone has seen your ad or your job posting on whatever medium you have decided to go with, you have to worry about another kind of first impression…the phone contact.

Make sure that you have a really pleasant and helpful person working your administration. This person shouldn’t be dreading to come to work and just waiting for their next break. They are the first impression that others get when they contact your company for the first time. If you have a great administrator, you’ll get great people.

After you have made the initial contacts and your fresh talent walks through your company’s door, they should be impressed. I don’t mean that you have to buy the most expensive lobby furniture on the planet. I mean that everything has its place and a person should be able to tell that someone makes an effort to keep up the place. I’ve walked into several quote unquote ‘advertising firms’ that were just complete wrecks. They had stains on the floor and trash in the reception area. Here’s a hint, make people clean up after themselves or hire a cleanup crew. To see what this looks like, read some of these Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews and see what you think. There’s always a mention of structure and professionalism in everything that this company does. No wonder they recruit such talented people, right?


After the first impressions have been acquired, its time for that person to impress you. Whether you are holding auditions for a stage performance or conducting an interview, that person needs to blow you away with their professionalism and personality…along with whatever other requirements that you have for the position. Now, your guests have to rise to the occasion to impress you instead of the other way around.

By stepping up your game and standards, just like Veritas Inc in Atlanta has, you can also reach the top of your industry. Just be aware, your new talent might someday raise the standards on YOU! :)

Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City Salaries

One of the common questions in any sales and marketing position is, “What’s the salary?” While this is an important question to answer, and this page will, it might be even more important to ask yourself, “What am I worth?” Meaning, what are you willing to do to make more money? The beauty of a sales and marketing position at Strategic Campaigns Inc is that the more revenue a person generates, the more money they make.

strategic-campaigns-inc-kansas-cityThe top 5% of sales representatives across the country make six figures and more. On average, a sales representative makes anywhere from $26,000 to $59,000 annually at Strategic Campaigns Inc in Kansas City. Of course no one hopes to be average. Therefore the question remains. Do you believe that you are worth more? If not yet, than what do you need to learn to add value? What do you need to do so that you can retire early and enjoy life?

The fact is that no company is just going to hand it over to you. You have to add value. In fact, you have to add so much value that it would cost a company too much money to replace you. If you want to make a six-figure income. You need to be able to generate well over six-figures in revenue per year. If your salary outweighs what you bring in, you will either be let go or will experience a decrease in your pay. On the flipside, if you bring in more, you will earn more.

Instead of worrying about what services or products make the most money, you should find something that is related to your passion. Granted, you probably won’t be able to find something that relates directly. However, management at Strategic Campaigns Inc in Kansas City says that you can find something very closely related to the field of your interests.

Most people hate their jobs. Most people only do what they do for fear of not having an income or salary. They buy more than they can afford with money they don’t have. They make payments. After that, they are working at a job they dislike just to keep up with the lifestyle choices that they have made. In other words. They have bought too much stuff to quit their jobs. For more information on this, be sure to check out Strategic Campaigns review on You’ll see what I’m talking about when you read about how the president of the company speaks with passion about his employees.

If you are able to find something related to your interests or hobbies, you will never work another day in your life. Your passion will carry you through the obstacles and you will succeed. You will still have to earn the credibility required to be successful, but you’ll at least enjoy doing it.

Maybe even more importantly, you will find yourself diving head first into projects to learn all you can about the industry. Many people are successful because they know what other people don’t. They do things other people won’t. Therefore, they become irreplaceable. These people monetize this and become the top earners in the nation. They don’t worry about a salary at Strategic Campaigns Inc because they become the experts in their fields of study in Kansas City.