Blitz Inc Bellevue Recruits Top Talent

Blitz Inc (Bellevue, WA) has been expanding rapidly as well as previously mentioned companies in this blog. Marketing requires talent. Talent can’t be learned. Skill can. Blitz Inc Bellevue recruits the hardest workers in Bellevue, Washington so that they can cheat talent. Just think, who do you think wins in sports? Is it the team with the most talent or the team who works harder than the other team, day after day, honing their skills?

blitz inc bellevue recruits top talentWell sometimes its a toss up. However, with the new national champions, the Seattle Seahawks, it has been proven that talent is overrated.

Blitz Inc is located at 12503 Bel-Red Road, Bellevue, WA 98005. They have had to move their operations across town to accommodate their recent expansion. For more information on this company, visit Blitz Inc Bellevue on crunchbase. Marketing companies can grow quickly if they hire the right talent. Here’s how they do it…

Blitz Inc: a Recruiting Beast

Recruiting is the root of all business expansion. You can’t grow a company without increasing the workload. You can’t take care of the added workload without additional staff. You don’t want any staff though, you want top talent.

In order to attract top talent to your workplace, you have to offer something that other companies are not. Just look at what Google interns are doing on the movie ‘The Internship.’ I’m not sure how much truth there is in movies, but it sure looks like a fun work environment to me. Just try to mimic a few things that those guys are doing over there.

So many people want to work for them…even for free…so how can you do that too?

Blitz Inc Reviews 4 Tips to Become a Recruiting Beast

blitz inc bellevue recruitment1. Portray your company as you want to be portrayed. Yes, this means marketing. Blitz Inc has a ton of job postings up, but they also have a lot of social media content surrounding their name. You should do this as well. Take pictures of your office and your people. Take pictures of your people doing work AND having fun. People will imagine themselves in those pictures.

2. Spend some money on recruiting. Don’t just place one job ad. Place several. In fact, place several in several different places. Just type in “jobs in _____” where the blank is your city and you’ll find some great places to post some job openings. After you have done this, you’ll get a lot of resumes to choose from. Blitz Inc gets over one hundred in a week.

3. Sift through the rubbish. If you don’t think someone will make a very good fit, don’t interview them. You aren’t being nice by interviewing obviously improper fits. You are doing them a disservice and giving yourself unneeded work. You don’t need that. They don’t need that. Just invite in the people you like.

4. Set the proper expectations. Blitz Inc Bellevue is very up-front their interviewing processes for their entry level marketing and sales positions. I’m sure that you aren’t in marketing, but you should be upfront about the potential upside AND the work involved. Don’t just sell people on the position.

By following these four steps like Blitz Inc, you will become a recruiting beast as well!

DMA Portland

DMA PortlandOK, so DMA Portland is really up to something now. The company has recently reviewed their options and has expanded into San Francisco, CA.

Since DMA Portland doesn’t have a tangible product that they sell, it makes it fairly do-able to expand into additional markets doing what they already are.

DMA Portland Oregon

While many companies have ongoing layoffs and the economy isn’t looking any better in the near future, outsourced sales and marketing companies seem to be expanding like crazy. D.M.A Portland is no exception.

The company’s jr managing partner, Josh, was recently promoted into a managing partnership position. Although it may seem unclear to the average onlooker on how they have managed to do this, it is actually fairly simple.

DMA Portland employees get advancement opportunities based on merit and performance. To make a long story – short, Josh A. has outperformed all of his peers and was promoted into the open management spot. In fact, he even got to choose his market. He chose San Francisco, CA. Not a bad choice if you ask me.

DMA Portland in Oregon

dma portland oregon

Although the staff of DMA Portland Oregon is excited about the recent expansion, they are continuing to be committed to their long-time client…a major telecommunications company in the Pacific Northwest.
What does commitment mean to the staff of D.M.A. Portland? Everything.

DMA Portland prides itself on the ongoing relationships between the managing partners and their client. If it weren’t for them, the company wouldn’t have anything to represent in the first place. Therefore, they always have an ‘attitude of gratitude.’

That being said, no matter what companies DMA Portland works with in the future, they have committed to always maintain the highest degree of professionalism and commitment to their staff. By thoroughly training each and every member of the team at DMA, this company has maintained that they will be able to offer several more advancement opportunities to their top performers in the near and distant future.

DMA Portland OR

DMA Portland doesn’t market any products or trinkets in Oregon. They only represent companies that have a service to offer. Many of these low-level marketing firms these days just buy up a bunch of product on wholesale and clearance and then go off and hock it at a discount. This company is much different.

As the leading marketing firm in Oregon, DMA Portland is looking to expand their horizons even further by taking on new clients to represent within the metro area of their current headquarters. One thing is for sure, DMA Portland is here to stay.

DMA Portland (Tigard, Oregon)

Review of DMA Portland in Tigard Oregon

dma portland oregon reviewDMA Portland is located in Tigard, Oregon. The company specializes in face to face sales and marketing for national vendors on the local level. If you are a company looking for representation in Portland, this might be a great option for you. In this post, we review what the company offers its clients.

DMA Portland caters sales and marketing campaigns for their clients throughout the state of Oregon. There are a couple of prerequisites to meet before becoming a full time client of the company. Their dedicated staff of professional marketers looks at your current marketing campaigns and analyzes their effectiveness. After that, the account managers put a solid plan together to get you more sales and additional happy customers.

To view some recent posts on the success of these campaigns, check out DMA Portland on Facebook. They update their content often and you’ll see many rave reviews from happy employees. Testimonials are promised to be on their page any time soon now.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

Internally, DMA Portland jobs offer the employees quite a bit of rewards for their efforts. They pay each one of their employees what they are worth, regardless of seniority or tenure. While this might point to stingy pocketbooks, it turns out that average account managers’ salaries at DMA Portland are way above the norm. Why…? They are the best at what they do.

DMA Portland Reviews

DMA Portland has been reviewed by world-wide marketing enthusiasts and apparently has great reviews on glassdoor and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have a great rating on both of these review sites because they only hire the best and train the best in Portland, Oregon.

Although the company receives many resumes on a weekly basis, they are very selective with their hiring processes. In fact, for every 100 resumes they receive for the entry level account manager job, they end up only hiring one or two people. All in all, there is an incredible ‘weeding out’ process. To see more about employee comments and testimonials, check out these DMA Portland reviews or this DMA Portland review. Comments are monitored, so if you are a scammer, beware.

Why are all of the DMA Portland reviews positive?

If someone gets hired by the Tigard-based company, they end up very happy because they get a lot of perks. Not only do they receive pay and salary increases, they also get promoted into executive management spots in the company.

Should you hire DMA Portland?

portland oregon marketingWell, the only advice I have to you on this one, is to figure out what you want. Do you want an amateur trying to do some marketing and sales for you or do you want a professional fully-staffed sales and marketing firm doing it? The company has recently expanded into California with their second location. This should be a testament to their willingness to promote from within and train the right people into the right spots.

DMA Portland is located at 9780 SW Shady Lane, Suite 200, Tigard, OR 97223 503-372-5187

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